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Soy abogado litigante, recientemente me uní como socio con Peter Aiken y Sean O’Halloran para orgullosamente formar un equipo con ellos.  Ambos son abogados muy respetados, bien establecidos y experimentados añadiendo yo así más poder y capacidad a su ya tremenda práctica de defensa criminal.

How to find a good criminal defense lawyer
If you or a loved one had been arrested, finding and hiring a good lawyer is a daunting task.  You cannot rely on advertising alone.  Being good at marketing or advertising does not necessarily mean that the lawyer is good in the Courtroom or effective in negotiating with prosecutors.  Some lawyers advertise all over Florida and claim to have multiple offices in each County.  Generally, these lawyers will speak with you on the phone and then refer your case to some local relatively inexperienced lawyer.  You need to know that the lawyer you are talking to, the lawyer you are hiring, is the lawyer who will be by your side in the Courtroom.  Experience and reputation are huge.
Things you need to know
Look into a lawyer’s education, background and experience.  How long has he been defending cases?  Does he practice in State and Federal Court?  Has he ever been a prosecutor?  Does he have law enforcement experience?  Has he or she handled my type of case before?  Does he specialize in certain types of cases?  All lawyers are not created equal. Insist on meeting personally with the lawyer.  Does he make a good professional appearance?  Does he understand the law? Does he listen to your problem?  Does he understand your concerns?  Is he being honest or just telling you what you want to hear?  Does he promise specific results? Do not be tricked or fooled by false promises….Every person wants to hear things will be OK
Picking a lawyer is like choosing a doctor
All lawyers go to law school and have degrees.  All lawyers have to meet minimum requirements of the Florida Bar Association.  All lawyers have to pass a test and have a license. Their level of experience varies greatly.  There is a world of difference between handling tickets and DUI’s and trying homicides, defending sex offenses and complex criminal felony cases.  If you have a serious case, a felony where the stakes are high, you want a lawyer who knows what he is doing. Talk is cheap.  Do your homework.  Do not rely only on advertising or slick TV commercials.  When you meet with the lawyer do not be bashful.  Have a candid discussion about real experience and real qualifications.  Compare the lawyer’s qualifications and experience with other.  Do not rely solely on a recommendation by a bondsman.  If you had a heart attack would you go to a foot doctor or a heart specialist?  Price is always a concern.  Good representation does not come cheap.  Should you use the Public Defender?  Ask yourself, would I go to a public health clinic if I was seriously ill?  You get what you pay for in life.  Would I buy the cheapest parachute or the cheapest medicine? 

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Aiken, O'halloran And Foley of Sarasota Criminal Trial Lawyers

Here at AIKEN, O'HALLORAN AND FOLEY of SARASOTA, we understand that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact us instead.

We actively investigate and prepare our defenses often before criminal charges are filed. We thoroughly investigate and research every possible defense. We negotiate when productive, but at the same time have the skills and experience to be formidable adversaries at trial. Appeals, the last resort, are exhaustively researched, briefed and argued.
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Attorney Robert Foley brings to the table twenty years experience in criminal justice.  As former head of the Detroit FBI and a former Lee County trial prosecutor, his knowledge of criminal investigations is second to none.


Sean O'Halloran, a former state prosecutor in both Charlotte and Lee counties, has honed his trial skills in the state courts. More importantly he possesses a level of local knowledge gained from years of jury trials before local judges.

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Aiken, O'Halloran and Foley of Sarasota Criminal Trial Lawyers

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Peter Aiken is a founding partner of AIKEN, O'HALLORAN AND FOLEY of SARASOTA.

a former forensic accountant, federal agent, federal prosecutor and thirty-year veteran trial attorney, contributes to our team effort a level of experience that can only be gained through thousands of cases and hundreds of trials.