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Crimes of Violence

We live in a violent society and sometimes a situation simply gets out of hand and you find yourself in a terrible situation.  It can be something as simple are road rage where another driver becomes aggressive.  It may be a domestic situation involving alcohol where someone picks up a gun or knife simply in self defense.  It may be a bar fight where you came to the aid of someone being beaten up or attacked or you may have defended the honor of a woman.  In Sarasota and Bradenton you may find yourself charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault or discharging a firearm for simply coming to someone’s aid.  By far, the most common situation involves family situations that get out of hand.

Domestic Violence

More people get arrested for domestic violence than any other reason.  The police have zero tolerance and if 911 is called, someone is going to jail.  You may have called simply to get the situation calmed down but when the police come, someone is going to get arrested.  Our Sarasota defense firm often represents men and women falsely arrested for domestic violence.  If there is injury, even if it was accidental, the State attorney will probably file charges, even if the other partner simply wants the case dropped.  Having good legal representation is critical.  An arrest and a conviction can create a criminal history that will follow you forever and impact future employment and education opportunities.  If you have been arrested for domestic violence, take is seriously and call us today.

Weapons Violations

By far, the most common offense is carrying a concealed weapon.  People forget about a gun in their purse, their briefcase, their car or clothing and find themselves getting arrested.  You may have gone through a metal detector at an event or business.  You may have a simple traffic stop and forgotten about a gun under the seat.  Do not let an accident result in a conviction.Florida has a stand your ground law.  You have a right to self defense.  As a Sarasota firearms lawyer Peter Aiken has defended gun violations all over the State.  If a firearm has been discharged you could be facing mandatory prison.  If a gun was used in a crime and fired you could be facing Florida’s 10/20/life law.  For serious firearms violations you need a defense lawyer that understands gun laws and the consequences.  Call today for a free consultation