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When professionals are charged with a crime, a lot is at stake.  A conviction can result in the loss of a professional license and an aggressive defense is a must.  Over the years, Peter Aiken has defended professionals including Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Escrow agents, Accountants, Financial Advisors and Tax Return Preparers for a myriad of offenses.  Successful defense is important because often the Courts hold professionals to a higher standard when it comes to sentencing and impose harsh sentences. When a lot is at Stake. If a professional, because of a hectic schedule fails to file an income tax return, or files a false or inaccurate tax return a conviction can have catastrophic consequences.  If a doctor is falsely accused of a sexual advance or touching of a patient, If a lawyer is charged with a trust account violation or a financial adviser is charged with elder fraud winning is a must. Experienced in Defending Doctors Lawyers and Professionals

The loss of a professional license can be a career ending event

In Sarasota and Bradenton, the State attorney takes a hard line on crimes involving the elderly and professionals are aggressively prosecuted.Do not wait until you are arrested. Early intervention by a skilled criminal defense lawyer may prevent charges from being filed. Peter Aiken has defended professionals for over thirty years before the IRS, before Federal Grand Juries, in the Federal Courts in Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Fort Myers as well as the State Courts.  As a former IRS special agent and former Miami Federal Prosecutor he understands the strategies employed by the Government.  In white collar cases Peter Aiken’s background and degree in accounting gives him an edge in understanding how the Government will present and try a case. 

Presenting a successful defense often requires special skills and a knowledge of the Federal law and rules of evidence

Defending Teachers, Professors and School Employees. Teachers are particularly at risk of being falsely accused of sex crimes by students or others.  A disgruntled student or parent may lie, and in a rush to judgment, the police or State attorney may believe it.  When a person is falsely accused of a sex crime it can end a career. 

If you have been falsely accused or are under investigation speak with us today at no cost by calling 941-366-3506

Defending Doctors, Lawyers and Professionals