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In Sarasota and Bradenton the local production of Marijuana exceeds importation.  In the past, most marijuana came in from Mexico, Jamaica or Columbia. Grow houses and home grown pot from closets and bedrooms is now higher quality and more available. Medical marijuana was almost legalized in the last election but for now it remains illegal. The police actively pursue grow house operations, most of which are still run by people from Miami. Our firm had defended grow house cases for decades.  Usually the legality of the search and seizure is the main issue. Prosecutions can be in either State or Federal Court.  Although marijuana is now legal in many States, the Feds are still working marijuana cases. It is job security for the DEA.

Heroin trafficking in Sarasota and Bradenton

If you are arrested for possession, sale or distribution of heroin you could be looking at a minimum mandatory penalty in either State or Federal prison. Having a good experienced criminal defense lawyer may make the difference between years in prison and freedom. Each case is different and an attorney may be able to find defects in the prosecutor’s case.  In the past, the police relied on informants and undercover buys on the street. Things have changed. The Sarasota sheriff, the Manatee sheriff and the Bradenton police have high tech capabilities and now use tracking devices, wiretaps and cameras to monitor suspicious activity.  There are cameras everywhere. You may be under investigation for drugs now and not know it.  Many of the addicts that in the past used pills have switched to heroin. A lot of the heroin here in Sarasota comes from Eastern Europe but some still comes from Mexico. If arrested for heroin here, be prepared for a high bond. The judges make it difficult to bond out requiring what they call a “Nebia” hearing where you have to prove that legitimate money is behind your bond.

Is Drug Treatment an Option?

Many addicts sell to support their habit? A housewife addicted to heroin may sell to her friends and simply supporting a habit can get a person arrested for trafficking. An arrest may be for possession of drug paraphernalia commonly called “works”. Spoons and needles combined with heroin residue can result in a felony charge and the possibility of jail.  Drug Court may be an option for an addict.  Successful completion of “Drug Court” can result in your felony charges being dropped and you can end up with a clean record.  Our goal and commitment is to keep your out of jail, get you help with your addiction and restore you to normal functioning.

Can I afford to hire a lawyer?

The real question is can you afford not to. The public defender is appointed for people who cannot afford an attorney. Their case load is huge and many have difficulty dealing with hundreds of files. Private defense lawyers generally can devote more time to individual cases. Would you go to a public health clinic with a serious illness? If arrested on drugs, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. Make it count

Drug Trafficking and Grow Houses