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State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Sarasota and Bradenton 

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Federal and State Criminal Investigations

941-366-3506If you have been contacted by the FBI, the DEA, the IRS or the ATF and they want to question you, always consult with an attorney before meeting or speaking with an agent.  The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are tough and defending cases in Federal Court in Tampa, Ft. Myers or Miami is expensive.  Call for a free consultation before talking with any Federal Agent.  Often people think they can talk their way out of a criminal prosecution.  Do not try and do this.  As a former Federal Agent myself,  I assure you, cooperation in generally not in your best interest.  You will only dig your hole deeper and make it difficult to defend you later in Court.Always demand to see a Search Warrant Never surrender any business records, your computer, your laptop or telephone voluntarily.  Do not be bullied into turning over anything. 

Demand to see Search Warrant or other Court Order

  In Child pornography cases, the FBI and Secret service may show up and request or demand you cooperation.  Do not give in.  Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506.  Our Sarasota criminal defense firm is experienced in representing people before criminal charges are filed.  Hiring a lawyer while the investigation is still ongoing, and before charges are filed,  is critical and may prevent your arrest or prosecution.  Peter Aiken is a former Federal Agent with a degree and background in Accounting.  If you are under investigation for financial crimes by either Federal Authorities or the State Agencies,  his experience in defending white collar crimes could make the difference between getting arrested and continuing with your life.

The Investigators are not Your Friends

If you are contacted by the FDLE, a detective with the Sarasota Sheriff’s office, the Manatee Sheriff’s office or the Florida Department of Revenue and there is even a hint that they are looking at you, put everything on hold and contact our office immediately.  Nothing good comes of cooperating or trying to explain your side of the story.  If the case involves financial matters such as elder fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud or embezzlement call us right away.  You have an absolute right to remain silent.  This is the most important right you have.  If you are not in custody, the police may not advise you of your right to an attorney or right to remain silent.  We are committed to defending your rights and maintaining your innocence and have experience dealing with detectives and agents.  Do not go it alone.  There is no charge for a free consultation.  Do not become a victim of police trickery.  They are trained in getting incriminating statements that often fill in the gaps for them.

Call today for a free consultation at [941 366 3506]