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As a concealed weapons lawyer and criminal defense lawyer, I have handled hundreds of gun violations.  It may be something as simple as forgetting a pistol is in your luggage at the airport or going through metal detector into a sporting event with a gun in your pocket.  There are over a million concealed weapon permits in Florida.  It is easy to make a mistake and go into the wrong place while “carrying”.  It is also easy to forget you have a gun in the car, your briefcase or jacket and get charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  You don’t have to be a gangster to find yourself arrested.  Most people arrested are regular citizens who simply made a mistake.

Road Rage, Aggravated Assault and Self Defense

People get arrested for losing their temper in traffic.  It starts with something as simple as cutting someone off it traffic.  Before you know it, tempers flare, words and gestures are exchanged and someone displays a pistol.  A heated exchange results in someone picking up a gun and displaying it.  The cops are called and the person with the gun is arrested.  We have handled road rage cases successfully.  The goal is to avoid a felony, avoid jail get the charges dropped. If the gun is actually pointed at someone, not just displayed the arrest may be for aggravated assault.  If the display puts the other person in fear, the enhanced charge can result.

You can only “pull” a gun in absolute self-defense

Never think you can threaten someone to back off, go away or leave you alone by pointing a gun.  If you get arrested, call us for an honest opinion about your case and the possibility of a successful defense or getting your charges dropped.  Call our Sarasota criminal defense office for a free consultation.

Arson and Insurance Fraud

Arson usually has a reason.  The most common reason is to collect on insurance.  Restaurants in trouble financially mysteriously burn.  Houses in foreclosure catch on fire and cars with owners behind on their payments are found in remote places burned.  If a fire has occurred and money is involved you can count on the insurance company investigating the claim and trying to prove arson. 

If you have had a fire and are under investigation for fraud, call our office immediately.

Many fires are a result of anger.  An angry relative, an estranged spouse, a jilted girlfriend, a former business partner or a gang dispute can result in arson.  Arson can also be committed to cover up a crime like burglary or theft.  Civil disturbances like the one in Missouri often result in businesses being burned to cover up looting.  Defending an arson case requires a knowledge,

Juveniles and Arson Offenses

Some troubled kids and some innocent children sometimes start fires.  It can be at school, in a field or in an abandoned building.  Playing with matches can get them arrested and as a parent, it can make you liable for damages.  If your child is charged, even in Juvenile Court, you need representation.  Do not let your child start life with a felony charge.  Call 941 366 3506

Firearms, Weapons and Arson