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If you are facing charges, have been arrested or are under investigation in Sarasota or Bradenton hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer may be the most important decision of your life.

All Lawyers are not created equal.........Criminal defense is all we do

When your entire future is at stake, choosing a defense attorney with experience, dedication and compassion can make a difference. Peter Aiken, with over forty years of experience in defending serious crimes, understands the importance of choosing the right lawyer. As a former Federal Agent, Former Federal Prosecutor and veteran Trial Lawyer with four decades of actual courtroom experience defending criminal cases, he has represented the falsely accused in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida. Hiring a Criminal defense lawyer is a lot like choosing your own heart surgeon. You must compare qualifications and experience and most importantly feel comfortable with the attorney who will be standing next to you in Court. There is no substitute for experience, hard work and aggressive defense.

Do Not Wait To Hire A Lawyer

Between your arrest and arraignment the prosecutor decides what charges, if any, to file. We may be able to get your charges dropped or reduced. We may be able to locate witnesses or discover facts that keep the charges form being filed. Early representation is critical to your defense. if you are under investigation for a sex crime, or tax crime having a lawyer may prevent you from ever being arrested. If a search warrant has been served or an arrest warrant issued get a lawyer immediately. Do not wait until it is too late.

Our Firm’s Commitment to your Defense

If you find yourself under investigation by either Federal authorities or local or State police, or worse yet, have been arrested and charged with a crime we understand how stressful your life has become.  If a spouse, child or loved one has been charged we recognize how your life has been turned upside down.  Many people do not know where to begin in selecting a criminal defense lawyer.  In the world of modern day advertising it is difficult to know the difference between a lawyer that is good at advertising and a lawyer that is actually good in the Courtroom.

 Peter Aiken and Sean O’Halloran  are committed to a “leave no stone unturned” defense and are dedicated and determined to explore every alternative, every strategy and every means to preserve your freedom, your future and your good name.You are Innocent until proven Guilty. These are not just hollow words.  There is a world of difference between being charged with a crime and being convicted before a jury.  It does not take much to get arrested in Sarasota or Bradenton.  A policeman’s opinion that you violated the law can land you in jail.  We are committed to aggressively defending you both in and out of the Courtroom. 

As a former Federal Agent and former Federal prosecutor, Peter Aiken understands the importance of balancing the scales that often seemed stacked against you.  He has spent thirty years actually defending cases in the Federal and State Courts in Florida. 

Sean O’Halloran, a former State prosecutor has for over a decade challenged the State and Federal prosecutors both in and out of Court.


Winning is no Accident Hard work, knowledge of the law and a command of the Courtroom can make a huge difference between winning and losing.  Some cases are “won” with successful and experienced negotiation and others the hard way, in front of juries.  There is no substitute for actual trial experience.  We are in Court often daily battling against hard headed prosecutors, often untruthful witnesses, and sometimes seemingly biased judges.  WE NEVER GIVE UP! This is not a business for the timid, shy or unpolished lawyer.  When lives and freedom are at stake, you want a criminal defense lawyer that is an experienced professional fearless fighter who will stand up on your behalf.  We will “take the gloves off” and go “toe to toe” on your behalf and never back down or be bullied into a plea deal to take the easy way out.Criminal Defense is all we do…..We are not here to judge you….We are here to defend you

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  • 30 Years Experience
  • Former Federal Prosecutor
  • Former Federal Agent

With over thirty years experience in defending serious State and Federal felonies, Peter Aiken, former Federal Agent, former Federal Prosecutor and veteran Sarasota and Bradenton criminal defense attorney will aggressively defend your rights, your reputation, your life and your future in the Criminal Courts in Sarasota and Manatee County.  Aiken, O'Halloran and Associates has a defense team dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in your defense and winning your case and restoring your life.  You are presumed innocent and our goal is to keep it that way.

Good people sometimes make mistakes.  We do not judge you and our mission is to keep you out of jail, keep you from becoming a convicted felon , minimize the impact of your bad decisions and restore order to your life.  A bad decision got you arrested.  Your next decision, the hiring of the right lawyer to represent you, could be the most important decision in your life.  Putting your life in the hands of another is a awesome decision that should only be made after thoroughly investigating that person's qualifications and background. I encourage you to compare my qualifications with others and then decide.

Tipping The Scales In Your Favor

Quality Representation In Criminal Cases

"We are not here to judge you... we are here to defend you"

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